There are many places on campus meant to aid those who attend Kent State. In FYE were were sent to find some of these places. I was surprised when I realized I had heard of all of these resources, but had never been to any of the buildings or even knew where most of them were. I will list important facts about each location.

Writing Center: The Writing Commons is on the 4th floor of the library and has aids that assist students at all levels with writing of any kind.

Health Center: The health center is located on Eastway Drive, but offer flu shots around campus throughout the year to convenience students.

Women’s Center: The women’s center runs a blog to keep us updated on events and informed about gender and racial issues.

Student Recreational Center: The rec center offers free services to Kent State Students almost 24 hours a day.

Student Multimedia Center:Located on the first floor of the library, the multimedia center has 3-D printing available for free to students.



In class we split into groups to explore campus in search for the sculptures scattered around. I realized it is easy to overlook art when it is consistently there. Some of these pieces I had barely ever noticed just because I walked by so often.

My favorite piece we encountered was “Eye To Eye”. This welded aluminum piece by Barry Gunderson is located outside of Kent Hall. I pass it every Wednesday night while walking to Franklin Hall for my radio show. I’ve always enjoyed this piece because of the connection between the two figures. While reading about the piece, I saw that the artist sparks the question of which is the psychologist and which is then patient. It is an interactive piece once you ask yourself that question.


In class, we split into groups to read over “An Incomplete Manifesto for growth”. Upon discussion with my group, I found that I agreed with many of the ideas at hand, but found contradictions within the work. I have assembled a few of my own manifestos.

  • Be wary in collaboration to not let your own ideas be shut down, but also not to stomp out the ideas of others.

This is an important part of schooling. We are often told to work with a partner or in groups. Working with others is most difficult when one participant wants everything to be their way. The point is to work together and teach each other, not to be selfish.

  • Do not say what is unnecessary to say.

It is important to know the right time to communicate certain things. Sometimes it is best to say nothing at all to avoid problems. Only say something that is fully thought out.

  • Be careful who to trust.

Like my last point, it is important to gauge situations for your best interest. Do not rush to trust others. People need to gain your trust slowly through actions. Give people the benifit of the doubt, but not all the faith in the world all at once.


I partnered up with Shelly in an exercise on collaboration in my FYE class. We were instructed to sit back to back with a piece of paper and a pen and then to try to complete the same drawing strictly through vocalization. It seemed like a silly activity at first, but now I realize it’s purpose.

I started simple with a circle in the center of the page, but as shapes got more complex, that left more room for error and different interpretations. “Small” to me may have been huge to her. Clarity of words was vital to producing similar drawings. At the end of my turn we looked at both drawings and compared. We had very similar scarecrows and backgrounds.

Next was Shelly’s turn to control the drawing. For some reason she decided the subject matter was to be my father. I’ve known her far too long. It was extremely difficult to keep up with her marks and to know exactly where to place something. She was very vague and I had to make a lot of decisions for my drawing myself. I’m sure she encountered the same issues while I was instructing her.

In the end, we both had almost identical interpretations of my dad, but I wondered how similar they would be if I hadn’t known her so well. She is someone I’m extremely used to conversing with and I feel very confident in our communication abilities, but what if I needed to do the same thing with a stranger?

I thought back to past collaborations both in art and other things such as group projects. Communication is an essential part of working with others and after so many years I still have yet to master it. It’s hard to work with others because we all want to be in charge and have things go our way. Most of us also fear that the others won’t work as hard as us or won’t have the best ideas. Standing your ground while also taking into account the opinions of others will ensure a promising outcome.

Collaboration will be a major part of any artistic career, but especially mine. My goal of becoming a tattoo artist relies on my ability to satisfy clients and to make art for others not just for myself. Communication is extremely important and I aim to get better at doing so.


My future plans are constantly on my mind. I’ve always realized the importance of my decisions and how they will affect me in the long run. I’ve been reflecting on how to accomplish my goals throughout my experiences at Kent State.

I definitely have been changing my study habits from high school and learning how to manage my time between my school and social life. I am starting to notice just how important it is to make friends and surround myself with people who help me towards my goals. I’m sharing important interactions with those who benefit my future and I aim to do the same for them. Growing with my peers is helping me to see a clearer image of my future aspirations.

Not only have I encountered people at Kent State that I’m sure will be lifelong friends, but also I’ve made friends that really help me with schoolwork. Building connections that aid my education are vital. In my short time here so far, I’ve already started to participate in clubs and organizations. I’ve attended art club meetings and I have a radio show on Black Squirrel Radio. I’ve been earning good grades while still maintaining relationships and having fun. Time management is key.

My ultimate goal beyond Kent State is to own my own tattoo parlor. With my fine arts degree I am confident that I will be fully capable of flourishing as a tattoo artist. I want to fully immerse myself into the local art world of wherever I move to beyond Kent. I plan to be heavily involved in local music and art. I would love to continue to share my creativity with the world in any way possible.

I’m sure that with my current habits I’m sure to have a fantastic college experience that will lead me to my ideal future. Balancing my time maturely will help me along my way to achieve my goals. 


My FYE class was instructed to explore downtown Kent and to see the show “//Benitez_vogl {Skin}-D.E.E.P. And VERSUS 0.02 [Gridiron]”. A classmate of mine, Shelly Dean, and I took the twenty minute trek from my dorm to downtown after our art history class on Friday. With a free afternoon ahead of us, we were ready to enjoy some art as well as the local eatery.

After wandering the streets near Acorn Alley, we realized we were lost. We couldn’t find the gallery for some unknown reason so we decided to step into the gallery closest to us. This happened to be Group Ten Gallery. The show on display was “Metals and Fantasy” which featured various metal sculpture as well as accompanied paintings displaying and replicating metal objects. After looking around for a bit, the owner of the gallery showed us the other works throughout the building as we told him our story of being lost and ending up there. He pointed us in the right direction and sent us on our way.

Yet again, even with the help of a kind stranger, Shelly and I were lost. By this point we were disappointed and starving, so we stumbled upon Acorn Alley once again to indulge in food prepared off campus for once. We both got sandwiches from Twisted Meltz. We sat at a table outside and enjoyed a fantastic meal, but now it was time to head back to campus to work on our paper sculptures for 3D Comp.

We got to see much of downtown even if it wasn’t the part we were technically supposed to see. I finally found out where the gallery is, but unfortunately I went home for the weekend and will not be able to see the show before class Monday. I chose the next best thing which is reading online about the show. My findings were that the goal of the show is to make human skin replicate the skin of a snake by imprinting a serpent-like pattern on to human arms, legs, and necks. The idea is interesting to me because we have all experienced imprinted marks on our bodies from putting pressure on a strange texture, but we haven’t thought much of it. Somebody thought about it and made it an art form. I’m sure it was an amazing show and I’m upset that I couldn’t see it this weekend.


I survived my first week at Kent State!!! My first week consisted of getting lost a few times and also being surrounded by strange new faces. The experiences I’ve encountered so far are nowhere near my expectations.

I anticipated being quiet and uncomfortable for the first few weeks as well as having difficulties adjusting to my new environment. I was completely wrong. I felt at home right away and really broke out of my comfort zone. I’ve made friends in places least expected and already know my way around campus. I’ve adjusted super well and way faster than I imagined I would.

I’m beyond excited to continue my journey through Kent State University the next few years. If they’re anything like my first few days, then I’m sure I’m in for a fantastic time.