My game is a strategy game focused on the powers and uses of the elements: water, earth, fire, and air. My project does not require a game board because the world is the board. In an imaginary world where I know anything about technology, I would design an app, similar to pokémon go that puts reality into the game. The camera on a smartphone would detect the outline of the shapes (hence them looking like they are out of a video game) to determine what piece you have which represents your team, and bluetooth technology keeps your phone connected to the piece as long as they are within a ten foot radius. Each of the elements has unique powers and you get notified when you are near an opposing element. You battle within the app to rise in the ranks and claim victory for your element. Your stats are contained within the game piece, so the more you play the more it is worth. Pieces may be traded for advances in the game. Succeeding in multiple elements makes players eligible for higher levels within the app.



The idea for my 3D print was a stereotypical UFO because it’s just something I always doodle and I finally got the chance to make it three dimensional. The program was difficult to work with, but I am happy with the completion of my piece.


Seeing art in a natural invironment definitely throws us off. At first we might not see it, but once we do it refuses to be ignored. I think the most interesting pieces were ones that repeated multiple times because they created a whole new idea rather than just a random replication on a wall. This take on art made the location equally as important as the piece itself.


I planned to build my foam core piece in the corner above the lockers across from the glass studio. I knew I wanted to replicate something white to make it blend in. The idea is to make the corner ceiling tile three dimensional and replicate it to fill the gap between the ceiling at the lockers.img_0234


This project differs greatly from the 1 to 1 cardboard project. General construction and use of material was similar, but there is an entirely new dimension created when the human body is added. Most projects created by my peers displayed a creative approach to fashion by having the wearer present the piece as a garment. I believe the most interesting works wore the person rather than the opposed. Even more interesting were those that didn’t even touch the human. I think the most interesting piece was Logan,s because it appeared to defy gravity and the suspense of what appeared to be dangerous shards could drop on him at any moment was tremendous. I believe these pieces were more of a performance compared to anything else we have created.