1. four portraits of females
  2. use of complementary colors within each portrait
  3. image contained within a geometric shape
  4. a quote from a feminist/artist on each portrait
  5. incorporate at least one personal physical characteristic into each portrait


My favorite artists overall are either photographers and painters that are still in college or tattoo artists, so I struggled to find the type of art I enjoy outside of the artists I already keep tabs on. I will include links to my favorites already.

One new artist I found I enjoy is Irana Douer. It was difficult to find much information on her because most publishings are in Spanish, but I don’t need a translator to understand her work. She focuses on many portraits of women, depicting them in interesting, sometimes grotesque ways. I really enjoy her style with use of color and texture. This work is similar to what I aim to create because I love women’s studies and illustration.

Another artist is Matt Bailey. His drawings are usually done in just black ink on white paper which I really enjoy. His subject matter of usually pairing women and skeletons is interesting. His sensual pieces give me a clear idea of what he is thinking. I’d like to adopt some of his simplistic style.



There are countless artists and works that inspire me artistically on a regular basis. I tend to gravitate towards certain types of art. It would probably be easiest to clarify art I dislike first.

I do not prefer the type of realism popularized during the Renaissance. For myself, realism isn’t worth it unless it’s photo-realism. I just hate when things are so close to being perfect but are not. I do not like the type of art used within most classrooms. I despise the idea of a large group all doing the same thing with small variations. I think this method neglects creativity.

I enjoy art that is honest. Subject matter of my preference is usually related to current events and societal happenings. I throughly enjoy many types of art ranging from surrealism to tattoo art. My favorite media include acrylic and colored pencil. I work mostly in acrylic with sort of surrealist landscapes in an illustrative style.


Tuesday is class we split into two groups: space and motion. As part of the group focused on the appearance of motion we worked with repitition and fragmenting most. The collaboration so far has been fun, but like most group work it was frustrating when others took down our work because we have different opinions. Today in class we need to work together to unify the piece. I would recommend doing this by either placing something that goes across both sides of the piece or instilling some sort of pattern throughout.