My final for Digital Media is a video edited by me projected onto my body with the silhouette on s screen I built. The colors are my favorites, the voices are my own, and every part of this is special to me.


My video features my friends being cute! The audio of the video is my best friend, Sari, playing a song that means a lot to both of us. This video signifies the end of my first year of college spent with very important people.


My video is meant to represent the feeling of comfortability and falling in love. I kept the camera stationary throughout to exhibit the change in time while the place was the same. It was extremely difficult to get all I needed to show in 5 second increments. In the edited version I plan to remove all sound and add slow, happy music.


rossello_propagandaMy completed propaganda poster features a modernized display of the poster from World War II that I based it off of. I used muted purples and blues in the background to be heavily contrasted with the red show and writing. The wording is based off of signs I have seen at local concert venues and other DIY safe spaces. The intent of the poster is to assure viewers that unjust treatment will not be tolerated.


step on it   I am going to base my poster off of this, but will modernize it and spin it towards calling out fascist people in the local music scene. I will change the shoe to that of a pair of vans and use a different color theme. I want to work with muted neon colors and phrases that stand out in today’s culture.


My quadriptych for Digital Media is meant to represent my own identity. The four images used are my top four albums presently (Chutes to Narrow by The Shins, Mickey’s Dead by elvis Depressedly, disgrace land by The Orwells, and I’m wide Awake It’s Morning by Bright Eyes) because I spend most of my time listening to them and I relate to what the albums are about. I also enjoy these albums for their artwork. I zoomed into my favorite details of each album’s art and then unified the four by using the same color treatment on all. The final detail I added were transparent white grids. Gridding and use of squares are huge parts of my artwork, and my artwork is part of my identity so I had to include it.


My postcard requires the recipient to interact with it by writing a poem in the bow provided on the front. The instructions are extremely open-ended so I’m sure the results will be interesting. I’m excited to read what people come up with.