My game is a strategy game focused on the powers and uses of the elements: water, earth, fire, and air. My project does not require a game board because the world is the board. In an imaginary world where I know anything about technology, I would design an app, similar to pokémon go that puts reality into the game. The camera on a smartphone would detect the outline of the shapes (hence them looking like they are out of a video game) to determine what piece you have which represents your team, and bluetooth technology keeps your phone connected to the piece as long as they are within a ten foot radius. Each of the elements has unique powers and you get notified when you are near an opposing element. You battle within the app to rise in the ranks and claim victory for your element. Your stats are contained within the game piece, so the more you play the more it is worth. Pieces may be traded for advances in the game. Succeeding in multiple elements makes players eligible for higher levels within the app.


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