My favorite artists overall are either photographers and painters that are still in college or tattoo artists, so I struggled to find the type of art I enjoy outside of the artists I already keep tabs on. I will include links to my favorites already.

One new artist I found I enjoy is Irana Douer. It was difficult to find much information on her because most publishings are in Spanish, but I don’t need a translator to understand her work. She focuses on many portraits of women, depicting them in interesting, sometimes grotesque ways. I really enjoy her style with use of color and texture. This work is similar to what I aim to create because I love women’s studies and illustration.

Another artist is Matt Bailey. His drawings are usually done in just black ink on white paper which I really enjoy. His subject matter of usually pairing women and skeletons is interesting. His sensual pieces give me a clear idea of what he is thinking. I’d like to adopt some of his simplistic style.



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