There are countless artists and works that inspire me artistically on a regular basis. I tend to gravitate towards certain types of art. It would probably be easiest to clarify art I dislike first.

I do not prefer the type of realism popularized during the Renaissance. For myself, realism isn’t worth it unless it’s photo-realism. I just hate when things are so close to being perfect but are not. I do not like the type of art used within most classrooms. I despise the idea of a large group all doing the same thing with small variations. I think this method neglects creativity.

I enjoy art that is honest. Subject matter of my preference is usually related to current events and societal happenings. I throughly enjoy many types of art ranging from surrealism to tattoo art. My favorite media include acrylic and colored pencil. I work mostly in acrylic with sort of surrealist landscapes in an illustrative style.


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