My future plans are constantly on my mind. I’ve always realized the importance of my decisions and how they will affect me in the long run. I’ve been reflecting on how to accomplish my goals throughout my experiences at Kent State.

I definitely have been changing my study habits from high school and learning how to manage my time between my school and social life. I am starting to notice just how important it is to make friends and surround myself with people who help me towards my goals. I’m sharing important interactions with those who benefit my future and I aim to do the same for them. Growing with my peers is helping me to see a clearer image of my future aspirations.

Not only have I encountered people at Kent State that I’m sure will be lifelong friends, but also I’ve made friends that really help me with schoolwork. Building connections that aid my education are vital. In my short time here so far, I’ve already started to participate in clubs and organizations. I’ve attended art club meetings and I have a radio show on Black Squirrel Radio. I’ve been earning good grades while still maintaining relationships and having fun. Time management is key.

My ultimate goal beyond Kent State is to own my own tattoo parlor. With my fine arts degree I am confident that I will be fully capable of flourishing as a tattoo artist. I want to fully immerse myself into the local art world of wherever I move to beyond Kent. I plan to be heavily involved in local music and art. I would love to continue to share my creativity with the world in any way possible.

I’m sure that with my current habits I’m sure to have a fantastic college experience that will lead me to my ideal future. Balancing my time maturely will help me along my way to achieve my goals. 


One thought on “FUTURE PLANS

  1. Kate, I’m so glad you’re adjusting so well! I read your first week post too and it sounds like you’re doing so great! Your plan sounds solid so far, I love tattoos so I think opening your own shop is super cool! You seem to be doing great so far, so I’m excited to see you grow more this semester! 🙂

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