In class I was put into a group with two others in my class, Chris and Andy. We were told to warm up our hot glue guns because we were about to be given some random object and a limited amount of time to build something out of it. We couldn’t build just anything, but it had to have some sort of pattern and reasoning.

The objects at hand were paint mixing sticks. A ton of them. Immediately the idea of a spiral staircase popped into my head when I saw the shape and material of the sticks. I shared this idea with my peers and we decided our pattern was to be eight sticks slightly off from the previous and a ninth stick vertically on top. We each stacked with this pattern until we ran out of sticks.

The end result wasn’t much like a spiral staircase, but more of a sort of fancy collar or weird lizard. Our wooden creation greatly differed from the others in the class because we focused on the potential roundness of the sticks rather than their linear nature. Overall, I’m happy with the end result of what Andy, Chris, and I came up with!


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