My FYE class was instructed to explore downtown Kent and to see the show “//Benitez_vogl {Skin}-D.E.E.P. And VERSUS 0.02 [Gridiron]”. A classmate of mine, Shelly Dean, and I took the twenty minute trek from my dorm to downtown after our art history class on Friday. With a free afternoon ahead of us, we were ready to enjoy some art as well as the local eatery.

After wandering the streets near Acorn Alley, we realized we were lost. We couldn’t find the gallery for some unknown reason so we decided to step into the gallery closest to us. This happened to be Group Ten Gallery. The show on display was “Metals and Fantasy” which featured various metal sculpture as well as accompanied paintings displaying and replicating metal objects. After looking around for a bit, the owner of the gallery showed us the other works throughout the building as we told him our story of being lost and ending up there. He pointed us in the right direction and sent us on our way.

Yet again, even with the help of a kind stranger, Shelly and I were lost. By this point we were disappointed and starving, so we stumbled upon Acorn Alley once again to indulge in food prepared off campus for once. We both got sandwiches from Twisted Meltz. We sat at a table outside and enjoyed a fantastic meal, but now it was time to head back to campus to work on our paper sculptures for 3D Comp.

We got to see much of downtown even if it wasn’t the part we were technically supposed to see. I finally found out where the gallery is, but unfortunately I went home for the weekend and will not be able to see the show before class Monday. I chose the next best thing which is reading online about the show. My findings were that the goal of the show is to make human skin replicate the skin of a snake by imprinting a serpent-like pattern on to human arms, legs, and necks. The idea is interesting to me because we have all experienced imprinted marks on our bodies from putting pressure on a strange texture, but we haven’t thought much of it. Somebody thought about it and made it an art form. I’m sure it was an amazing show and I’m upset that I couldn’t see it this weekend.


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