During the first assembly of my FYE class, I had the pleasure of getting to know some more about other art majors. I interviewed two others in my class, Jenna and Lauren, and learned a lot about how art majors both differ and relate to myself and the others we encountered within our FYE class.

JENNA MILEY Jenna is majoring in studio arts with her love for painting and nearly everything that has to do with art. She chose this major because she loves to create and the differences her creativity brings to the rest of the world. Jenna is passionate about all things art. She thoroughly enjoys alternative music, and plays the trumpet, French horn, bass, and ukulele. Jenna cannot decide between various career destinations. She hopes to get a job in illustration or open her own art gallery or stage. Jenna has countless innovative ideas that ensures her a great career in the arts.

LAUREN DICKEY Lauren is studying art education because her high school art teacher inspired her to express her creativity by thinking outside the box. That’s exactly what she plans to do. Lauren will be involved with high school students by teaching art, coaching the golf team, and inspiring young lives all-around. Other passions of hers include the quirky cartoon Steven Universe and music. Like Jenna, Lauren also plays the ukulele. There are big things ahead for her as she pursues her art education degree.

Both peers interviewed shared similarities with each other and myself as well. This interview solidified my assumption that students with similar majors also share similar aspirations and interests. I also learned how different all of us are even when so many factors of our lives align. The immense creativity and determination for those in my FYE class to follow their own visionary paths into the professional art world.


Jenna Miley


Lauren Dickey


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